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Our Company

Vitalis is a privately-held specialty pharmaceutical company leveraging its proprietary VTS-Aspirin platform to overcome the limitations of existing drugs and enhance patient experience across a variety of therapeutic areas. We are initially targeting three highly promising therapeutic areas:

Our goal is to develop patient-centric therapies that improve disease treatment with fewer side effects, and that offer a higher quality of life.

Our purpose is rooted in the personal experience of one of Vitalis’ founders, and our culture was born out of the desire to serve patients and work on their behalf.

Executive Team

Vitalis brings together the brightest minds and experts from an array of cross-functional disciplines. As a team, Vitalis possesses the experience to discover, develop, and commercialize marketed therapies.

Dr. Joseph Habboushe



Dr. Joseph Habboushe first developed an interest in the powerful and versatile effects of aspirin as a treatment while in medical school. 

"My father needed to take niacin for his specific type of bad cholesterol but would often skip doses because of the flush it caused. I became interested in finding ways to use safe, well-understood, existing drugs to help solve some of the challenges that patients, like my father, faced."

Dr. Habboushe is a practicing emergency physician at a large hospital in New York City. He received his M.D. from Cornell University, where he is now Vice President of the Alumni Association Board of Directors, and his M.B.A. in Healthcare Finance from Columbia University, where he serves on the Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Program Board of Advisors.

Jason Simeral

Chief Operating Officer

Jason Simeral is an experienced entrepreneur and strategy consultant. He previously worked as a Senior Consultant for a global Strategy & Transformation consulting firm in NYC focused on pharmaceuticals and life sciences. He received his MBA from Columbia Business School.

Jon Levy

Head of Business Development

Jon Levy has been investing in privately held healthcare companies for 11 years.  He has extensive experience in both private equity and venture capital investing, with specific sector expertise in pharmaceuticals and pharmaceutical services. Jon is a graduate of Yale University and received his MBA from Columbia Business School.


Board of Advisors

Jonathan Siegel

JBS Healthcare Ventures Kingdon Capital SAC Capital

Philippe Chambon, MD, PhD

Founder, New Leaf Venture Partners

Venture Partner, LBOFrance

CEO, Genelpis SAS

Aran Ron, MD

Former CMO, Oscar Insurance Bessemer Venture Partners Emblem Health

Vera Bittner, MD, MSPH

Aspirin Researcher

Former FDA Advisory Board

Professor, UAB Medical School

Gene Resnick, MD


Millenix Oncology

Bunny Ellerin

Director, Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Management Program

Columbia Business School

Sahil Banka, MD


Drexel University

MJB Headshot.jpg
Michael Bell


Mount Morris Advisors

Alexander Mauskop, MD

Founder, NY Headache Center Founder/Inventor, Migralex

Joan Spivak



Utpal Patel.png
Utpal Patel

Owner & CEO
Sunrise Pharmaceuticals

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